What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is therapy for your psyche: generally it involves improving an aspect of your mental health or your personal wellness.
The process typically includes meeting with a mental health professional to help individuals to solve stress, troublesome behaviors, emotions, thoughts,  beliefs; as well as to assist with improving their relationship and social skills.  Psychotherapy also aims to improve well-being by helping individuals to balance their life when chaotic events occur. With psychotherapy you can discover and create a healthier version of yourself. This can lead to healthier relationships at with family, friends, and colleagues, and improve physical health too.
Is psychotherapy for me?

People seek psychotherapy for different reasons. Some common reasons include working through depression or anxiety, but in other cases psychotherapy can help people cope with major life transitions, improving relationships or learning communication skills. If you are looking to take care of yourself, psychotherapy is right for you!
This is the first time I am meeting with a therapist, how should I feel?

Is this is the first time you are meeting a therapist or being in therapy  it is normal to feel anxious, nervous, or stressed. Whatever you feel is OK! Feel confident that I will make my best to make you feel comfortable.  
In our first meeting I will listen carefully to your concerns and then I will explain how therapy works and how it can help you.  
The conversation occurs in a private office where only you as client, and I as therapist meet.
I am not sure about talking about my personal things with a therapist. How safe is psychotherapy?

I follow a code of ethics. It is my obligation to keep your information confidential. However, there are the following exceptions to confidentiality:
when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or others;
when legal requirements demand that confidential material be revealed;
when a child is in need of protection.
How is psychotherapy different from talking to a friend or family member?
Friends and family are very important in working through some issues in life, but in many cases friends and family may lack the education and experience of a registered psychotherapist to truly help individuals progress towards a healthier, happier, situation.
As a therapist I remain objective; this may be difficult for friends and family in your life. My main focus is on you! In addition, since psychotherapy is confidential, you can discuss concerns without concern that anyone else will know what you revealed. As much as friends and family love you, discussing issues with them may limit you in some cases. This is where a psychotherapist can be especially helpful!